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If you've ever made your own candles, you've probably wondered at some point how to decide on what the best scents are to use for giving your items a great smelling fragrance. While there are many different types of fragrance and scents out there, not all are equal in quality unfortunately. This means for most of us it can be quite a bit of trial and error to determine which brands are the best to use and what will make your items have a long lasting aroma that penetrates the room.

DIY Craft Essential #1: Washi tape

You'd be surprised at how many things you can do, and how many tutorials out there are obsessed, with washi tape. The versatile paper tape with adorable designs makes great wall decor, paper crafts or can even spruce up your furniture.

DIY Craft Essential #2: Needle nose pliers

This tiny tool is great for small projects. "This is not only your go­-to tool for opening and closing jump rings, bending wire, and securing crimp beads and ribbon ends, but pliers are also great for cutting through jewelry chain and wire," said Morin.

There are two main categories of different types of scents. Some scents, such as vanilla, sugar cookie, pumpkin, cinnamon, and others often mimic the same delicious aroma of cooking food. These are quite popular for being used while entertaining or in the kitchen and living room areas of the home. The other type of candle scents usually have a more flowery or “fresh scent” smell, and this applies to those such as citrus, “spring breeze” scents, lavendar, rose, and many others.

DIY Craft Essential #3: X-acto knife

If you love stationary crafts, jewelry crafts or any delicate work -- you'll need a proper cutting tool. Not all scissors can do the job. "Remember first using scissors and cutting along the dotted lines in grade school?" Morin asked. "Hopefully, you’re attempting more challenging crafts as an adults."

DIY Craft Essential #4: Spray paint

Acrylic paints are also great for any DIY starter kit. However, if you're looking for a perfect, seamless finish on your furniture, art and home decor -- make some space to spray. It doesn't hurt to keep some cans in your favorite colors (as long as you store them properly).

Depending on where you look to purchase the oils you will use for your candlemaking, you will want to make sure that you get the highest quality available. Shopping online is usually one of the best options, as this gives you the greatest amount of choices and varieties, since your local craft shop may not carry or supply the items you want in stock. Some scents are made artificially and chemically, while others have a strong aroma and are made all naturally. When possible, use all natural and the most pure types available to get the strongest types of scents.

It's hard to say which scents are the best, since it will likely depend on your own individual preferences and experiences. If you stick to popular flavors and chooset the highest quality of oils available, you can be pretty confident that the next candle recipe you come up with could be a huge success!

DIY Craft Essential #5: Painter's tape

Painter's tape is "perfect for for attempting the c​olor block trend," said Morin. Plus, you'll need something to keep your projects neat and tidy, no matter what type of paints you use.

DIY Craft Essential #6: Hot glue gun

There are some tools that are too functional not to have. "This is one DIY workhorse tool you shouldn't do without," said Morin. Hot melt glue works on a variety of materials.
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