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It seems that no matter where you go, you find people toting photo handbags, keychains, buttons, t-shirts and other items featuring pictures of their children or grandchildren. It is easy to see why these items are so popular; after all, keeping photos of your loved ones close at hand can be an excellent way to share your joy with others. Of course, treasured photos also help provide happiness and a sense of pleasure every time you look at them, especially when you cannot be with the ones you love as often as you would like.

DIY Craft Essential #1: Washi tape

You'd be surprised at how many things you can do, and how many tutorials out there are obsessed, with washi tape. The versatile paper tape with adorable designs makes great wall decor, paper crafts or can even spruce up your furniture.

DIY Craft Essential #2: Needle nose pliers

This tiny tool is great for small projects. "This is not only your go­-to tool for opening and closing jump rings, bending wire, and securing crimp beads and ribbon ends, but pliers are also great for cutting through jewelry chain and wire," said Morin.

For women, choosing a convenient handbag or tote that allows them to display photos of their favorite travel destinations, loved ones or even pets can be a fun way to keep these memories alive. Of course, men will also enjoy having a personalized tote to carry their things. Additionally, sharing photos is something that everyone enjoys; kids, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, everyone loves pictures. Whether it is a cute holiday photo of the kids, a major sporting achievement or simply a treasured family heirloom picture, a handbag offers both a functional way to carry personal items, as well as a great way to display these photos.

While it is possible to purchase photo handbags that are ready for you to simply slide in your pictures, these handbags can also make a great craft project. If you want to try making your own photo bag, be sure to choose a material that is both durable as well as light in color. Dark colors tend to make photos difficult to see. In addition to the fabric, be sure to purchase either a matching or contrasting thread, depending on your own personal preference and any embellishments you would like to include.

DIY Craft Essential #3: X-acto knife

If you love stationary crafts, jewelry crafts or any delicate work -- you'll need a proper cutting tool. Not all scissors can do the job. "Remember first using scissors and cutting along the dotted lines in grade school?" Morin asked. "Hopefully, you’re attempting more challenging crafts as an adults."

DIY Craft Essential #4: Spray paint

Acrylic paints are also great for any DIY starter kit. However, if you're looking for a perfect, seamless finish on your furniture, art and home decor -- make some space to spray. It doesn't hurt to keep some cans in your favorite colors (as long as you store them properly).

There are many patterns available for making handbags and totes. The pattern you choose should allow enough area for photos to be displayed. If you choose a small handbag design, you will be very limited in the number of photos you will be able to include in your project. You will also want to choose a photo transfer kit that is designed to work with the type of fabric you have chosen. These kits are easy to use and require nothing more than your home computer and printer.

Once you have transferred your pictures to the fabric, you are ready to begin assembling your handbag. Follow the pattern directions and sew your bag, including adding any embellishments, such as zippers, buttons or trim. Making your own handbag is a fun and rewarding project and something that even the kids will enjoy. However, there are some simple tips that can help ensure that your project turns out great. For example, choose photos that are in focus and do not have a great deal of background clutter. Simple portraits or close-up shots often work the best. Take your time and lay out your photos, trying various combinations and patterns. Only after you have found the best lay out for your project should you begin printing.

Another important point to consider is how you will protect your photo bag once it is completed. You can find spray fabric protectors that provide an easy wipe-clean surface; however, it is important to read the directions that come with your photo transfer kit and follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding care and cleaning.

DIY Craft Essential #5: Painter's tape

Painter's tape is "perfect for for attempting the c​olor block trend," said Morin. Plus, you'll need something to keep your projects neat and tidy, no matter what type of paints you use.

DIY Craft Essential #6: Hot glue gun

There are some tools that are too functional not to have. "This is one DIY workhorse tool you shouldn't do without," said Morin. Hot melt glue works on a variety of materials.
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