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An antique glaze is a coating given to simulate age, which can be applied to many surfaces, such as painted finishes, or varnished items or lacquered surfaces. It can also be applied to imitation or genuine gold leaf to give an antique finish. It is always used when applying a crackle glaze.

DIY Craft Essential #1: Washi tape

You'd be surprised at how many things you can do, and how many tutorials out there are obsessed, with washi tape. The versatile paper tape with adorable designs makes great wall decor, paper crafts or can even spruce up your furniture.

DIY Craft Essential #2: Needle nose pliers

This tiny tool is great for small projects. "This is not only your go­-to tool for opening and closing jump rings, bending wire, and securing crimp beads and ribbon ends, but pliers are also great for cutting through jewelry chain and wire," said Morin.

It is also applied as part of the process when applying a crackle glaze or crackle varnish.

The glaze itself is simple to acquire, all you need is some student quality oil paint… there is no need to purchase Artist quality paint… it comes in tubes and is quite inexpensive.

What determines the colour of the glaze is what type of work you are dealing with.

If you want to apply an antique glaze to varnished pine furniture you might consider raw umber as a suitable colour.

If you wanted to apply a glaze to a lacquered picture, you might go for burnt umber.

If you were working with porcelain, to which had been applied a crackle glaze, you would think of dark grey to highlight the cracks.

Whatever colour glaze you decide you want, applying it is very straightforward.

DIY Craft Essential #3: X-acto knife

If you love stationary crafts, jewelry crafts or any delicate work -- you'll need a proper cutting tool. Not all scissors can do the job. "Remember first using scissors and cutting along the dotted lines in grade school?" Morin asked. "Hopefully, you’re attempting more challenging crafts as an adults."

DIY Craft Essential #4: Spray paint

Acrylic paints are also great for any DIY starter kit. However, if you're looking for a perfect, seamless finish on your furniture, art and home decor -- make some space to spray. It doesn't hurt to keep some cans in your favorite colors (as long as you store them properly).

Simply apply a little of the oil paint to a soft cloth and rub the paint into the surface, a little goes a long way. Then take a clean soft cloth and remove most of the paint. A film of paint will remain which will resist your attempts to remove it. It is at this stage that you judge what depth of antique glaze you wish. You can remove more of the glaze by rubbing harder, so you have control over the final effect.

Leave the surface to dry thoroughly in a warm room, and give the surface polish with a clean soft cloth.

Finally, give the surface a coat of varnish or lacquer to seal it.

An antique glaze is often used in conjunction with the crackle glaze or crackle varnish.

Crackle glazes or varnishes fall into two types. There is the traditional 2 part crackle glaze, which has an oil based base coat and a water based top coat. And there is the modern 2 part acrylic crackle glaze which has water based base and top coats.

They both work in the same way, cracks form due to the different shrinkage rates of the two coats.

I use a modern acrylic crackle glaze as I find it more predictable in use than the traditional variety.

You simply apply the base coat and allow it to dry. Then you apply the top coat and as that coat dries the cracks form.

When completely dry it is usual to apply an antique glaze, as mentioned, this is done so as to highlight the cracks. The surplus antique glaze is wiped off with a soft cloth and given a good polish.

It is customary to seal the work with a coat of lacquer or varnish.

By Richard Norman

DIY Craft Essential #5: Painter's tape

Painter's tape is "perfect for for attempting the c​olor block trend," said Morin. Plus, you'll need something to keep your projects neat and tidy, no matter what type of paints you use.

DIY Craft Essential #6: Hot glue gun

There are some tools that are too functional not to have. "This is one DIY workhorse tool you shouldn't do without," said Morin. Hot melt glue works on a variety of materials.
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