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A tiny boat without any sails stands as a dark silhouette against the crimson sunset. This ship without sails moves softly and quickly. Though this vessel can still be outrun by speedboats, it outmaneuvers most other ships. In terms of turning power, this ship wins. These ships excel in shows of speed and flourish. Those who enjoy speed are inclined to want to ride in these wonderfully fast boats. For their size, this ship has a great amount of horsepower.

DIY Craft Essential #1: Washi tape

You'd be surprised at how many things you can do, and how many tutorials out there are obsessed, with washi tape. The versatile paper tape with adorable designs makes great wall decor, paper crafts or can even spruce up your furniture.

DIY Craft Essential #2: Needle nose pliers

This tiny tool is great for small projects. "This is not only your go­-to tool for opening and closing jump rings, bending wire, and securing crimp beads and ribbon ends, but pliers are also great for cutting through jewelry chain and wire," said Morin.

The world knows no boat faster or smaller than Chris craft model boats. Very light metal is a commonly used material to make these ships, although many are instead crafted carefully from plastic or metal. Because of the materials with which they are made, these items may occasionally have very different textures from their sister models. Chris craft model boats are undoubtedly great works of art that represent the intensely detailed way a ship model of the sea can be made. This particular item is great for balancing out a collection of ships.

DIY Craft Essential #3: X-acto knife

If you love stationary crafts, jewelry crafts or any delicate work -- you'll need a proper cutting tool. Not all scissors can do the job. "Remember first using scissors and cutting along the dotted lines in grade school?" Morin asked. "Hopefully, you’re attempting more challenging crafts as an adults."

DIY Craft Essential #4: Spray paint

Acrylic paints are also great for any DIY starter kit. However, if you're looking for a perfect, seamless finish on your furniture, art and home decor -- make some space to spray. It doesn't hurt to keep some cans in your favorite colors (as long as you store them properly).

Metal that is used to make Chris craft model boats is most often of the tin or aluminum family, and great care is put into its crafting due to the delicate nature of the metal. Depending on which size of the model that is going to be made, it may be built from different ratios of the metal. This piece tends to be one of the smaller models in the artistic modeling world, unless for artistic reasons they are made larger. Any item of this nature makes a great gift for the beginning collector, as they are compact and difficult to mistreat. People who enjoy speed are the ones who tend to appreciate these ships the most.

Another great pro of these ships is that they are often used and converted to remote control boats. The traditional rosy hull of this vessel makes it is very easy to spot on a dull lake as it is being remote controlled. These features make the ships a stellar option for those who are looking to buy children they know a wonderful toy that is a great starting point for remote control experience. Kids who normally can't handle models due to the many small parts can handle these without worry. As a remote control item, these pieces can outrun many of their competitors. Controlling these ships is a riveting way to help your kids get some outside time. A great error on a person's part is that they write these ships off as speed boat copies. In museums, these items are delicately made items. Famous racing winners and a ship once owned by JFK are popular and well known ships of this type. The other material used in making Chris craft model boats is glass, as they have a prominent window pane on the front that is used to protect from wind whipping.

DIY Craft Essential #5: Painter's tape

Painter's tape is "perfect for for attempting the c​olor block trend," said Morin. Plus, you'll need something to keep your projects neat and tidy, no matter what type of paints you use.

DIY Craft Essential #6: Hot glue gun

There are some tools that are too functional not to have. "This is one DIY workhorse tool you shouldn't do without," said Morin. Hot melt glue works on a variety of materials.
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