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It's no wonder jackets are so popular for embroidered patches. The large area on the back of a jacket has plenty of room for a really bold statement, one that's immediately clear to those who see it. When coupled with a black leather background in particular, the colors used on a full-size back patch really stand out.

DIY Craft Essential #1: Washi tape

You'd be surprised at how many things you can do, and how many tutorials out there are obsessed, with washi tape. The versatile paper tape with adorable designs makes great wall decor, paper crafts or can even spruce up your furniture.

DIY Craft Essential #2: Needle nose pliers

This tiny tool is great for small projects. "This is not only your go­-to tool for opening and closing jump rings, bending wire, and securing crimp beads and ribbon ends, but pliers are also great for cutting through jewelry chain and wire," said Morin.

The design of an embroidered back patch starts out like any other embroidered patch, with a design. The design can be something simple, or given the available area, relatively complex. Patches for sports jackets often contain a school mascot, for example.

DIY Craft Essential #3: X-acto knife

If you love stationary crafts, jewelry crafts or any delicate work -- you'll need a proper cutting tool. Not all scissors can do the job. "Remember first using scissors and cutting along the dotted lines in grade school?" Morin asked. "Hopefully, you’re attempting more challenging crafts as an adults."

DIY Craft Essential #4: Spray paint

Acrylic paints are also great for any DIY starter kit. However, if you're looking for a perfect, seamless finish on your furniture, art and home decor -- make some space to spray. It doesn't hurt to keep some cans in your favorite colors (as long as you store them properly).

Back patches may be a single embroidered patch, or multiple patches that form a single design. Motorcycle club patches, for example, often are a three-piece design, with the main logo in the center flanked by “rockers” at the top and bottom. The main logo carries the club emblem, while the top rocker shows the club name. The bottom rocker denotes the club's home city.

When selecting a producer of custom embroidered back patches, look for a company that has a track record of producing patches for at least several years. An experienced company is more likely to produce a high-quality patch than someone who's new at it.

Find a company that can offer you the services of talented graphic artists to help you perfect your embroidered patch design. A reputable patch supplier won't charge for artwork or revisions, and will work closely with you to get your patch artwork exactly the way you want it.

The classic back patch can serve many purposes. A quality patch company can create a patch for your organization that reflects your values to the world in a professional manner.

DIY Craft Essential #5: Painter's tape

Painter's tape is "perfect for for attempting the c​olor block trend," said Morin. Plus, you'll need something to keep your projects neat and tidy, no matter what type of paints you use.

DIY Craft Essential #6: Hot glue gun

There are some tools that are too functional not to have. "This is one DIY workhorse tool you shouldn't do without," said Morin. Hot melt glue works on a variety of materials.
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